It is theorized that the art
of crochet began as a
shepherd's craft in the early
Irish Lace
Irish Lace began as a
cottage industry for girls in
the 1800's as a result of the
Great Potato famine
There is evidence of woven
fabrics from Turkey as far
back as 7000 - 8000 B.C.
My name is Michelle Rawlings. I began learning to crochet
when I was 19 & found it to be a great way to spend my spare
time. About 15 years ago I was exposed to spinning & inkle
weaving & my passion for fiber arts had begun. The world of
creation through the loom & hook had a life of it's own & as a
Living history fanatic I receive great pleasure in using
traditional techniques to create something modern. I also
believe in passing down my knowledge to individuals like
myself who have a passion for learning through fiber. I prefer
to use natural fibers but will occasionally experiment with
acrylics & other synthetics.

I choose to do all of my work completely by hand. With the
exception of the occasional use of a 1950's Ricar sewing
machine I do not use anything that requires electric
mechanics to complete my projects. This means that it take
large quantities of time to finish a piece of work, however, I
am with every inch of the fabric from the beginning until the
final thread is cut, tied and tucked. I take a lot of pride in my
art & truly believe that I give a small piece of myself to all of
my recipients.

I hope you enjoy my art. Please feel free to contact me with
any questions or comments that you might have.
Meet The Artist
Did you know?
Woven Strappings are very
strong & can be used for
decorative trim on purses,
backpacks & clothing. They are
great for belts, edging on thick
blankets & can even be used as
curtain ties!
All of our handwoven trims can
be made to meet historical
costuming requirements!
Handwoven Fabric & Garments
Using our 4 shaft floor loom we are in the process of creating fabrics as well as producing a
select amount of garments designed using our handwoven fabrics. We are very excited
about the possibilities. Much of our weaving is done with natural fibers Interested parties
should contact us if interested as these will be limited in quantity.

We can create almost anything; place settings, table cloths, towels & fabrics for clothing,  
scarves & period costuming to name a few. Custom pieces will be on a first come first serve
basis within the limitations of our time & tools. Available items will be listed in our Etsy store.
Inkle & Tablet Woven Products
Spinning Fiber & Handspun Yarns
Crocheted Items
Card & Inkle
The difference between a plain
woven Inkle piece & a card
woven piece is in the versatility
of the design. With card
weaving we can create pictures
& even words
Time vs Quality
It takes time to create a great
piece of art. The average time it
takes to complete a full size
blanket is 100 hours from
beginning to end!
Other Uses
Guitar straps
Rifle straps
Arts & Crafts decor
Pet collars & leashes

Possibilities are only limited
by your imagination!
Irish Lace
Lace is a wonderful art that
can be passed down for
many generations!
Heirloom Quality
Memories to last a lifetime
Woven Goods
Blankets, rugs, bags & trims
all done in the traditional
style - By hand!
Lace Rose in Frame
Enhanced View
Heirloom Quality
Lace is a wonderful art that
can be passed down for
many generations!
The Perfect Gift
Irish Lace is a great gift for
Mother's Day, Weddings &
Detail View
Lace is beautiful to look at &
to wear. It is elegant on
linens, clothes & framed on
the wall!
Irish Lace