Crazy Wolf Farms is owned and operated by us, Lonny & Michelle Rawlings. We
purchased our modest 5 acre homestead with the dream of having a self-sustainable
lifestyle that we can share with our family, friends & others that share our interests.

With over two decades of experience we decided to put our countless hobbies to work for
us. From Catahoulas and Nubian Goats to handcrafts & hand-me-down horses our
passion for creating, renewing & living has been the drive behind what we do.  

Here at Crazy Wolf Farms we strive to incorporate all of the little things that make us who
we are into all of the big things that we enjoy doing.  Though the farm itself is in it's infancy
we have dedicated our lives to researching not only the historical attributes of our interests
but also their modern practicality.

So why Crazy Wolf? Life itself has given us the gift of humor and we find much pleasure in
the antics of our children and animals, not to mention the chaos that surrounds our
existence. Believe us! There's never a dull moment here on the farm or anywhere else for
that matter. Adventure follows us through our trials and tribulations & we now invite you to
join us through our new pages, updates and journals. Renaissance Faires & other
historically educational events are also a large part of our daily lives & we gladly offer up
our knowledge to those willing to listen to the stories. Pictures from faires & other events
will be found in our Journal.

Though our focus is primarily on our dogs we still offer, on occasion, Nubian Goat kids,
poultry & horses. All you have to do is ask & we'll let you know what we have available.
Most non-breathing items that we will have for sale will be found on our NEW Fiber Arts

Within these pages you will experience our dreams, successes &, inevitably, our failures
along side of us.  No matter what transpires, through the gaining of knowledge, we will
have succeeded.  So join us on our adventures by finding an area you would like to
explore & follow the link to that page.

So stay awhile & take a peak into our little world and we hope that you find something that
inspires the artist (or the Crazy Wolf) in you.