Temperament & Personality
Catahoulas are not aggressive by nature but they are assertive. They are a breed that
tends to live within a pack mentality & requires their owner to prove their ability to be the
Alpha or leader of the pack and they will push their boundaries constantly. Sometimes it is
difficult to discern who owns who! They do not controllable & more than willing to learn.

The Catahoula will do anything to please his master. He is as loyal as they come but
despite his loving nature with his family he can be very wary of strangers. He will work
himself into exhaustion if given half a chance & if raised with children he will protect them
with his life if necessary.

They are a baying dog with a natural herding instinct & it is not uncommon for a Houla to
have a barking meltdown around livestock, strangers & even children at play, believing it
is his job to herd them into an easily manageable group. Strangers who have stepped into
our yard have found that they were allowed to come in easily enough but not allowed to
leave finding themselves bayed into a corner until one of us comes to the rescue. As a
general rule Catahoulas are not biters but there are exceptions to the rule & they may bite
when threatened or when they feel the need to protect. Our Catahoulas are a great alarm
system, notifying us the very second anyone or anything approaches our property.

The Multiple Houla Household
For thousands of years people have been hunting & ranching with dogs. Their pack
instinct is very valuable in this sense but owning multiple Catahoulas can be both a
blessing and a headache. For some owners it is a pleasant walk in the park, their dogs can
work well together as a team and there are rarely any issues. Others have found that there
isn't always harmony to be found in Houla Land. Catahoulas will resort to a pack mentality
and will establish a pecking order. There is never a dull moment in a multiple Houla

These dogs have a lot of energy and a lot of drive. They definitely need something to do.
Even if it's a long daily walk it is important that they have a way to spend some of their
energy. They are primarily used for hunting boar, treeing & herding cattle but because the
Catahoula is such a versatile breed of dog, they have been used for just about anything
you can think of. Some known uses for the Catahoula are:

  • Herding (cattle, sheep, goats)
  • Hunting (boar, bear, large cat etc.)
  • Treeing (Raccoon, Squirrel)
  • Scent work
  • Agility
  • Search & Rescue/ Therapy
  • Protection/Police Work
  • Dock Diving
  • Obedience
  • Show (Conformation, Instinct Testing etc.)
  • Weight Pull
  • Family Companion

Our Conclusions
Collectively we have owned over a dozen different breeds of dogs from Shih Tsus to wolf
hybrids and we can honestly say that in our 20+ years raising and training dogs we can't
ever imagine owning anything other than a Catahoula. They are arrogant, bossy and yet
they are the one of the most interactive breeds we've had the pleasure of working with.
They are loyal to the bone and owning one is an experience like no other. Their
personalities, coloration & talents are as versatile as the spectrum of the rainbow.

Everyday with these dogs holds new adventures we are truly grateful to have them in our