Coat Colors
Blue Leopard
Blue Leopard
Black & White
Red Leopard
Examples of Copper trim on legs and face
Example of Double Merle
It is said that all Catahoulas can be traced back to these three foundation lines:

The Wright line was the largest at 90 to 110 pounds and were developed by Mr. Preston
Wright. This line represented dogs originally produced from Hernando de Soto's dogs.

The Fairbanks line was the next in size at 65 to 75 pounds and were developed by Mr. Lovie
Fairbanks. They were brindle to yellow in color.

The McMillin line was the smallest in size at 50 to 60 pounds and were developed by Mr. T. A.
McMillin of Sandy Lake, Louisiana. These were Blue Leopard dogs with glass eyes.

These three lines were crossed back and forth and created the variations of Catahoulas seen
Eye Colors
Brown Eyes
Chocolate to Amber
Cracked Eyes
An eye that has 2 or
more colors
Glass Eyes
An eye that has the
appearance of being
blue but in fact lacks
Hazel Eyes
Eyes with a green hue