We are NALC Certified breeders of Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs. We breed for working, show &
companionship with a primary focus on conformation, health, disposition & overall ability. Several of our dogs have  
participated in Conformation & hog bay & we are beginning our journey into tracking & weight pull. Any dogs that
we breed have been CERF & BAER tested & certified through either PennHip or OFA & all have achieved passing
scores. As breeders it is our responsibility to not only keep the breed alive but to preserve it as well. We do this by
keeping our breeding stock free of dysplasia and other genetic malformations.

    Breeding Policy
    We strive for soundness of body & mind in our dogs. When breeding or purchasing we aim for conformation,
    temperament & over all health with instinct & working drive as two of our top priorities. Pretty doesn't make
    the dog therefore we do not breed for eye & coat color. The Catahoula's unique markings are just an added
    perk. We desire our dogs to be even tempered & mentally stable with the energy & ambition it takes to do
    whatever task is needed from him. Though some litters may produce "pet quality" offspring we are not
    breeding lap dogs. Pet quality only means that the dog does not meet our standards for breeding but will still
    have all of the instinct & drive of a true Catahoula. We will not breed to any animal that has a known genetic
    defect or who shows mental instability. Occasionally we may stud our males or breed our females to outside
    males if the following requirements are met:

    Outside Bitches & Studs
    In order for us to maintain our high standards outside bitches & studs must be registered with the NALC &
    may be multi-registered with ACA, ABRA or UKC & be certified with a passing score through either PennHip
    or OFA. They must be current on all vaccinations & must be over 2 years of age. A health check with a
    veterinarian, hearing & eye testing are highly recommended but not required. Temperament will be taken
    into consideration before we will breed to any outside dog.  If you are interested in breeding to one of our
    males & meet the requirements listed above please feel free to contact us. A scheduled breeding will be
    arranged upon completion of requirements. We will also provide our documentation to owner of dog to be
    We reserve the right to cancel or deny a breeding at any time for any reason.

    We do not offer breedings to non-Catahoulas

    Stud Fees
    Stud fees will be based on selected male’s value and/or accomplishments at the discretion of  CWF & any
    secondary parties involved.

    Puppy Policy
    All of our puppies will be evaluated for temperament, conformation and suitability for working, performance
    & breeding potential. Any pup that does not meet our high standards will be sold with registration papers but
    without breeding rights.

    All pups will be vaccinated, wormed & guaranteed in good health before being released to the buyer and all
    documentation of these procedures will accompany the puppy when it is picked up or shipped. Though we do
    our best to only breed to tested dogs, hips can not be guaranteed in pups. PennHip testing at 4 months old is
    recommended or OFA at 2 years.

    A 15% discount is available for active and retired military.

    Deposits & Wish List
    Clients must notify us if they would like to be added to the wish list which will then place them in order to
    choose their puppy. A non-refundable (but transferable) deposit of $100.00 is required by the time the pups
    are 6 weeks old & will hold a specific pup until it is weaned at about 8 weeks. Wish list clients who have not
    sent a deposit by this time will lose their place on the list & the next client will be moved up in the order. Full
    payment (minus the deposit) is due at the time of pick up. If a pup does not meet your expectations at the
    time of purchase another available pup may be chosen or the deposit may be rolled over to a future litter.
    Cancellations of any kind will result in the loss of the deposit. We can not guarantee coat or eye color.
    By placing a deposit you are agreeing to our policies.

    To be added to the wish list please send:
    Your full name
    Physical address
    Email address
    Phone number (all applicable)
    Desired sex & color
    And a brief description of what you plan on using your pup for (ie. Working, hunting, companion) This will
    help us match you with the right dog.

    Deposits can be sent as check or money order. (Please do not send cash)
    Contact us for mailing address and further payment information

    We will keep all buyers updated on the litter's progress & will notify the buyer when the puppy is ready to be
    picked up. Failure to pick up or make shipping arrangements within 7 days of availability without notification
    may result in the loss of deposit & the pup will become available to another buyer.

    By placing a deposit you are agreeing to our terms and policies
    The breeder reserves the right to remove any pup from availability at any time for any reason.

    The CWF Guarantee
    Pups must be examined by your veterinarian within 3 days of delivery. Pups purchased from CWF are, unless
    otherwise noted, guaranteed to be free of disease, deafness, blindness and/or sterility. Though we take every
    precaution to avoid defects sometimes they do happen and any dog sold with a known defect will be
    accompanied with information regarding said defect & a spay/neuter contract if under 6 months old or with a
    certificate of sterility if over 6 months. Pups with any genetic condition will be sold with registration papers
    but without breeding rights. Pups may be returned to us for any reason at any time.

    Parvo is a highly contagious disease! Please take care when taking your pup around other animals or to places
    where other animals have been until the pups full vaccination series has been completed. We will not
    guarantee  pups who contract viral, parasitic or bacterial diseases once they leave our property. We can not
    guarantee hips & urge the buyer to PennHip or conduct a preliminary OFA their pup within the 1st year of
    the pups life. If other health problems which are genetically predisposed to this breed should occur within the
    pup's first year, we will require a copy of the veterinarian's clinical findings & services. Those findings will be
    reviewed by one of our veterinarians, after which we will choose to provide one of the following:

    1.  Reimburse one third the average Veterinarian services, not to exceed the purchase price ++
    2.  Replace the puppy with another puppy of our choice (same sex). Buyer pays all shipping costs.
    3.  Keep the puppy & we will refund one third the average cost of spaying or neutering.

    We reserve the right to replace the puppy or provide a refund

    We will not guarantee a puppy for conditions resulting from owner neglect, non-genetic conditions or any
    condition that occurs after the puppy's first birthday.
    ++Hips can not be guaranteed.

    Pups with failing hip scores
    1. Are eligible for their refund through our rewards program with a copy of the PennHip or OFA Certificate
    & buyer keeps the dog. We will then refund one third the average cost of spaying or neutering.
    2. We will replace the puppy with another puppy of our choice (same sex) from our next available litter. Buyer
    pays all shipping costs.
    We will not refund PennHip or OFA testing fees

  • If you do not wish to keep your puppy/dog at any time during the course of it's life for any reason please offer
    it to us first before listing it or placing it in a shelter.

       Rewards Program
     These rewards are for dogs purchased directly from CWF & carry the “Crazy Wolf” prefix.

  • Microchip - We will offer a $25 rebate with proof of microchip & microchip registration. Microchip
    brand is new owners choice.

  • Spay/Neuter - We will pay the owner $25.00 with a copy of the spay/neuter certificate from your veterinarian
    within the pup's 1st year. Overpopulation is a problem & if you do not plan to breed, sterilization is a
    responsible way to keep from having unwanted litters & also prevents ovarian, cervical and testicular cancer
    in dogs. We recommend spay or neuter at 6 months of age. Pups sold as pet quality do not qualify as the
    discount will be reflected in the purchase price.

  • Hip Testing - Through PennHip or OFA (new owner's choice) we will pay the owner $50.00 with a copy of the
    certificate from either organization. Help us keep our dogs dysplasia free.

  • BAER/CERF Testing - We will pay the owner of a CWF pup $25 with a copy of a BAER or CERF
    certificate. This lets us know about the pup's vision (CERF) and hearing (BAER).

  • Championship - CWF will pay the owner $100.00 for a Crazy Wolf pup's 1st championship. This is to
    encourage our buyers to show off not only what Crazy Wolf offers but what the Catahoula can do.

    Policies may change at our discretion without notice.
Routine Care
PennHip & OFA
Dr. Eric M. Weigand DVM
Claremont Veterinary Hospital
1324 North Claremont Blvd.
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 621-0900

CERF Testing
Dr. Allison Hoffman DACVO
Eye Care for Animals
150 N. San Gabriel, Ste 100
Pasadena, CA 91107
(626) 524-0202

BAER Testing
Dr. Mark Hamilton Wright DVM
Plaza Veterinary Clinic
7340 Firestone Blvd. #117
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 928-2234